Digital Marketing

Achieving Digital Excellence!

Connect your business with its niche audience today! Digital Marketing is a completion of all services or platforms that a business utilizes to increase its digital presence on the social & worldwide web.

Guruji offers the following services in addition to its basics

Pay Per Clicks (PPC)

Grow With Rocket Speed


Double your clientele with strategically planned pay per view clicks. Guruji uses PPC advertising to drive traffic directly to websites. We demystify the effective art of pay per view click ad management, allowing you to keep a solid focus on what truly matters- augmenting business; building your brand!

Pay per view clicks helps connect with decision-makers and target audiences faster than traditional methods. PPC is a way of purchasing visits by using impressionable content which converts these clicks into organic customers!

Email Marketing

Increase Your Customer Base

Email marketing is a tremendous way to engage with your audience. It improves your business communication and ultimately increases sales by targeting a section of clients that wish to align with your content.

We create beautiful email campaigns for businesses to easily market. By sending regular time optimized content through email marketing, businesses can effectively keep continual interactions with their clients!

Guest Posting/Blogging

Generate Traffic by Link Building

The creative team at Guruji promotes your business with its guest posting and professional blog writing service. Guest posting is an invaluable creative marketing tool that contributes to another individual’s blog, which then funnels traffic and viable customers to your website or blog.
We find guest posting platforms that suit your business mantra or product type. After which, we curate business-centric posts and upload them on the platforms. This clever strategy is useful in promoting blogs by creating awareness in the form of aficionado readers!

Affiliate Marketing

Generate a Passive Source of Income

Affiliate marketing is earning money or commission by promoting other companies or products. Affiliate marketing programs are increasingly popular these days! The digital era allows you to enjoy higher ROI through Affiliate Marketing.
Affiliate marketing involves organizations that reward affiliates for each visitor brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. Affiliate marketing is now one of the most efficient techniques to market a product or a service online. Your business can increase profitability by choosing a well-designed affiliate marketing program!

Google, Instagram, & Facebook Ads

Big Campaign Great Award

We set up online google and social media ad campaigns that help attract potential customers. Paid ads are beneficial when it comes to lead generation and boosting page and post engagement with clients and customers.

If you want to increase lead conversions, maximize traffic, and build your brand value among targeted niche audiences, then running Google, Instagram, & FB ads is a safe bet! We’ve been creating ads with keyword integration for hundreds of clients!